Study highlights risks of living together before engagement

More than half of Americans believe that moving in with a significant other before tying the knot is a good idea—that cohabitation before marriage or even engagement can increase their changes of a happy and successful ...

10 simple rules for socially responsible science

Scientific research must meet clear ethical guidelines to prevent harm to participants. However, research can also indirectly harm individuals and social groups, for example by shaping social perceptions and inspiring policy. ...

Science absent in poor countries' education data

A leading report into gender parity in education has found a complete lack of data on science education from low-income countries, exacerbating a situation where pockets of "extreme exclusion" still exist.

Flexible working hours: Still a farce for Aussie dads

Workplace culture and masculine norms are keeping fathers from asking for flexible working hours, including paid parental leave, according to research from University of South Australia researcher, Dr. Ashlee Borgkvist.

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