The rise of the 'liberaltarian'

Political economists Neil Malhotra and David Broockman have documented a new species of political animal: the liberaltarian.

Slow down: Reduced speed limits save lives in busy cities

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of non-natural deaths worldwide. Lower speed limits may help prevent accidents. But speed-reduction policies can be controversial and effects are not well documented.

Most deprived children face biggest risk of unemployment

Children growing up in jobless households will be less likely to gain employment in an economic recession, according to a new cross-European study led by UCL and the University of Bath.

Study proposes new strategies for social distancing

Lifting the lockdown in favor of strategic distancing, could lead to improved compliance with official recommendations and 'keep the curve' flat, in terms of COVID-19 infections, according to a report today from Oxford researchers.

Heating buildings: The overlooked climate change factor

Heating accounts for over 50 percent of final energy consumption. So reducing the emissions that result from heating buildings would make a huge difference to the climate. What strategies are being pursued to realise this ...

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