Climate change hurts crops yet boosts community spirit

The average level of trust among Vietnamese rural households tends to increase when changing temperatures damage rice yields, suggests a new study published in the journal Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy.

The missing link of experience cocreation in shared coupons

Researchers from Lehigh University, University of Hong Kong, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that proposes experience cocreation as a novel strategy to transform shared ...

One in six younger Australians live in poverty

Poverty persists in Australia with younger demographics—including children, young adults and working families— bearing the brunt of the unequal distribution of resources in Australia.

Can shifting social norms help mitigate climate change?

Climate change is the result of many human activities, from carbon emissions to deforestation, and it will take multiple and varied interventions to mitigate it, including legislation, regulation, and market-based solutions ...

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