Strategic city planning can help reduce urban heat island effect

The tendency of cities to trap heat—a phenomenon called the "urban heat island," often referred to as the UHI effect—can lead to dangerous temperatures in the summer months, but new Penn State research published in Buildings ...

The importance of social media in corporate social responsibility

A new study by Dr. Lucie Kvasničková Stanislavská from Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, has found that social media is an increasingly important tool for companies to communicate their corporate social responsibility ...

Meteorologists targeted in climate misinfo surge

Once trusted faces on the news, meteorologists now brave threats, insults and slander online from conspiracy theorists and climate change deniers who accuse them of faking or even fixing the weather.

New pilot study enhances understanding of situational fear

Research from experts at City, University of London's Department of Sociology and Criminology suggests that although women students feel largely safe while on campus, universities have a responsibility that extends beyond ...

Drought threatens Panama Canal shipping traffic

Drought has forced Panama's authorities to reduce shipping traffic in the canal that links the Atlantic and Pacific as a water supply crisis threatens the future of this crucial waterway.

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