Seen from space, the snow-capped Alps are going green

The famous snow-capped peaks of the Alps are fading fast and being replaced by vegetation cover—a process called "greening" that is expected to accelerate climate change, a study said Thursday.

Fungicide combo combats devastating red clover disease

Red clover, an important forage crop for grazing cattle, can be protected against two major fungal diseases by a newly developed integrated pest management strategy. Published in Crop Protection, the study says that three ...

Study shows strong winter and summer warming in Minnesota by 2100

Minnesota's winters are warming faster than those in nearly any other state in the contiguous United States, but according to a new study published in the journal Earth and Space Science by researchers from across the University ...

Researchers model 'red snow' algal blooming events

Red snow is a unique phenomenon caused by blooms of red algae that live on the surface of snow. Now, researchers from Japan have developed a model to predict the occurrence of red snow events. In a recent study published ...

New simulations can improve avalanche forecasting

Computer simulations of snow cover can accurately forecast avalanche hazard, according to a new international study involving researchers from Simon Fraser University.

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