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The future of power

What is power, and how can the United States effectively project power in the information or cyber age? This was the focus of a recent lecture by Joseph Nye as part of a seminar series on U.S. foreign policy sponsored by ...

dateMar 30, 2012 in Energy & Green Tech
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Why smart growth frustrates players in the system: study

Maryland planners, developers and land-use advocates consider the state's smart growth tools too weak, frustrating their desire for development within existing urban areas, finds a new University of Maryland study based on ...

dateJan 18, 2012 in Other
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Reducing CO2 through technology and smart growth

A Georgia Tech City and Regional Planning study on climate change, published February 10, 2009 online by Environmental Science and Technology, shows that "smart growth" combined with the use of hybrid vehicle technology could ...

dateFeb 11, 2009 in Environment
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