'We're her real mum': Lesbian parents face healthcare challenges

Over the last few decades, legal reform and evolving attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people have significantly changed family demographics in the UK. Prior to 2005, children in England could not be adopted by people in a relationship ...

High levels of PFAS found in anti-fogging sprays and cloths

The anti-fogging sprays and cloths many people use to prevent condensation on their eyeglasses when wearing a mask or face shield may contain high levels of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), a new Duke University-led ...

The paradox of big data spoils vaccination surveys

When Delphi-Facebook and the U.S. Census Bureau provided near-real time estimates of COVID-19 vaccine uptake last spring, their weekly surveys drew on responses from as many as 250,000 people.

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