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Deforestation is stressing mammals out

Lots of us are feeling pretty anxious about the destruction of the natural world. It turns out, humans aren't the only ones stressing out—by analyzing hormones that accumulate in fur, researchers found that rodents and ...

Why feral cats are such a threat to Australian wildlife

A team of researchers at the University of Tasmania has determined why feral cats are such a threat to wildlife in Australia. In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the group describes comparing the ...

Mystery of Siberian freshwater seal food choice solved

Through video tracking and examination of museum specimens, scientists have discovered why Siberia's Lake Baikal seals are thriving when so many other seal populations are suffering from human-caused environmental stresses.

Studies detail impact of mammal species decline in Neotropics

Mammal defaunation—the loss of mammals to extinction, extirpation and population decline—in the Neotropics and its adverse effects is the focus for two scientific papers produced recently by a group of scientists led ...

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