36 million have sought US unemployment aid since virus hit

Nearly 3 million laid-off workers applied for U.S. unemployment benefits last week as the viral outbreak led more companies to slash jobs even though most states have begun to let some businesses reopen under certain restrictions.

Novel low-cost environmental monitoring buoy

When University of Maine alum Joshua Girgis graduated from University of Maine's College of Engineering in 2018, he never imagined where he would end up next. This Madison, Maine native had enjoyed his four years in Orono ...

Some industries will thrive during pandemic

Responses to contain the spread of the new coronavirus have brought economic loss and uncertainty, but some businesses and industries can survive and thrive.

Restarting the coronavirus economy: 4 possible steps

What does a post-pandemic economy look like? Health researchers are indicating that managing this virus will be a long-term game. That means COVID-19 will impact the economy for months, maybe years, but reopening businesses ...

What can we learn from COVID-19 to help with climate change?

Today, the Covid-19 pandemic is all anyone can talk about. Societies around the world are coming to a standstill, and concern for most matters other than the coronavirus have been pushed aside. But as we confront the current ...

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