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WHO urges vigilance but no alarm over bird flu

The World Health Organization called Wednesday for vigilance after the recent detection of bird flu in mammals, but tried to calm fears that large-scale human outbreaks could be looming.

A mutant plant with a counting disability

The newly discovered dyscalculia mutant of the Venus flytrap has lost its ability to count electrical impulses. W├╝rzburg researchers reveal the cause of the defect.

Ancient poop offers unusual insight into animal behavior

Some people are annoyed when they encounter a fresh pile of dung while out on a walk in nature. Others are excited because it points to the recent visit of a particular kind of animal. But some scientists, myself included, ...

Understanding the cryptic role fungi play in ecosystems

When you say "fungi," most people think of mushrooms, showy fruiting bodies, but most fungi do not produce mushrooms. It is estimated that there are approximately 3 to 13 million fungal species on Earth, many of which are ...

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