Ancient African skull sheds light on American crocodile origins

The extinct African crocodile species Crocodylus checchiai may be closely related to American crocodile species alive today, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. The findings suggest that crocodiles may have ...

X-rays of human skull to improve military helmets

Scientists often use complex computer models of the skull and brain when designing helmets to prevent or minimize injury to the head due to impact. These models require intricate knowledge of the behavior of the skull and ...

Peru reconstructs face of woman who ruled 1,700 years ago

Introducing the Lady of Cao: using high-tech 3-D printing and based on the skull of an ancient mummy, scientists have reconstructed the face of a woman who governed in northern Peru 1,700 years ago.

Early Human Skulls Shaped for Nut-Cracking (Video)

( -- New research conducted in part by researchers at The George Washington University has led to novel insights into how feeding and dietary adaptations may have shaped the evolution of the earliest humans.