Beyond dinner: Invasive shrimp mounted for display

Stuffed shrimp are decor rather than dinner for some of the folks who have caught the really big sort—invasive Asian tiger shrimp—in the Gulf of Mexico or along the East Coast.

Strategic strikes by mantis shrimp smash shells selectively

For a tiny crustacean, Caribbean rock mantis shrimp (Neogonodactylus bredini) pack a ferocious punch. Bludgeoning the shells of snails and other crustaceans to gain access to the tasty snail within, mantis shrimp flick their ...

ASU scientist finds women shaping Mexico's shrimp industry

Growing up in a small, coastal town in Puerto Rico with grandfathers who were both farmers, Maria Cruz-Torres knew from a young age the impact of the environment on people's livelihoods. So it was perhaps a natural thing ...

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