The shapes of shrimp farms affect their groundwater pollution

Coastal aquaculture has grown rapidly over the past few decades, and although ocean-based food supplies have increased, concerns about the environmental impacts of aquaculture have as well. For example, research has found ...

Using shrimp shells to construct better composite membranes

Shrimp shells, plant extracts and recycled plastic have helped KAUST researchers to build a sustainable thin-film composite membrane that could replace conventional membranes whose environmental toll is greater.

Mystery of glowing shrimp deepens

Many deep-sea shrimp glow but researchers have found the light organs in deep-sea shrimp may have evolved depending on depth and habitat.

Student discovers new shrimp species by chance

When biology student Mike Groenhof was making a phylogenetic tree of fifty shrimp species for his internship, one specimen turned out to be an undescribed species. The animal was collected by Naturalis scientist 18 years ...

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