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Wheat's ancient roots of viral resistance uncovered

The DNA sequence of a gene in wheat responsible for resisting a devastating virus has been discovered, providing vital clues for managing more resistant crops and maintaining a healthy food supply.

Sequencing the genome of a newly discovered soybean pest

University of Minnesota students conducted crucial genome sequencing for the newly discovered soybean gall midge—a pest that is threatening the soybean crop, one of the most widely cultivated and consumed throughout the ...

Scientists show how Acetobacterium helps break down butadiene

1,3-butadiene (BD) is widely used in the production of rubber, thermoplastic resins and nylon. Long-term exposure to BD-contaminated environments can cause eye pain, blurred vision, coughing and drowsiness, and increase the ...

Looking for risky viruses now to get ahead of future pandemics

Most of what scientists know about viruses in animals is the list of nucleotides that compose their genomic sequence—which, while valuable, offers very few hints about a virus's ability to infect humans.

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