Molecules that promote plant-to-plant communications below ground

Plants have evolved elaborate mechanisms for detecting neighboring plants, which typically involve the perception of "cues'" inadvertently produced by their neighbors. Strigolactones are hormonal signaling molecules that ...

Simultaneous multi-gas detection needs only sub-μL analyte

Trace gas detection based on laser absorption spectroscopy (LAS) is a powerful technique due to its high sensitivity and selectivity, and it is widely used in many fields. Most of current works are performed using a single ...

Using light to restore cell function

New research from the University of Cincinnati shows early indications that light can be used as a treatment for certain diseases, including cancer.

Hunting for dark galaxies with FAST project

A large-scale neutral hydrogen (HI) survey of the local universe is one of the major science initiatives under the Five-hundred Meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) project.

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