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What do you do with a shrunken laser?

The laser is so small you need a microscope to see it properly. But it's not just the size that scientists at Sandia National Laboratories are excited about.

Linewidth narrowing in self-injection-locked, on-chip lasers

On-chip laser diodes based on quantum well (QW) and quantum dot (QD) semiconductor materials have become the primary technology for several applications due to their excellent characteristics, including high power efficiency, ...

Scientists invent topological-cavity surface-emitting laser

Semiconductor lasers are the most widely used lasers due to their compact size, high efficiency, low cost and wide spectra. But they suffer low output power and low beam quality—two specifications difficult to improve simultaneously. ...

Quantum physics sets a speed limit to electronics

How fast can electronics be? When computer chips work with ever shorter signals and time intervals, at some point they come up against physical limits. The quantum-mechanical processes that enable the generation of electric ...

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