Connection to country impacts mental health

Whether you feel a strong attachment to New Zealand's Māori culture, majestic landscapes, or the All Blacks, an Otago study has found a sense of belonging to the country is positively related to mental health.

Using envy as a marketing tool can backfire

For decades, marketers have used envy to sell, attempting to cash in on consumers' desire to want what others have. But does it actually work?

'Likes' less likely to affect self-esteem of people with purpose

How many likes did I get? The rush of self-esteem that comes with the ubiquitous thumbs-up has more people asking that question, as Facebook and other social media sites offer more ways for friends to endorse photos and posts.

Study finds sorority rush process negative, membership positive

College-age women who participate in sorority rush largely describe the process as negative but report a sense of belonging and support once they're in the group, according to research from University of Pennsylvania psychologist ...

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