The no-tech way to preserve California's state grass

Though it is disappearing, California's official state grass has the ability to live for 100 years or more. New research demonstrates that sheep and cattle can help it achieve that longevity.

Siberian tundra could virtually disappear by mid-millennium

Due to global warming, temperatures in the Arctic are climbing rapidly. As a result, the treeline for Siberian larch forests is steadily advancing to the north, gradually supplanting the broad expanses of tundra which are ...

New 'CRISPR-Combo' method boosts genome editing power in plants

Ten years ago, a new technology called CRISPR-CAS9, made it possible for scientists to change the genetic code of living organisms. As revolutionary as it was, the tool had its limitations. Like the first cell phones that ...

Flowers' unseen colors can help ensure pollination, survival

You can't see it, but different substances in the petals of flowers create a "bulls-eye" for pollinating insects, according to a Clemson University scientist whose research sheds light on chemical changes in flowers which ...

Staying alive: How 'self-pollen' can cheat death

A new gene that controls self-fertilization has been identified in an engineered version of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana bred by scientists at the University of Birmingham..

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