Historic German island is nursery for North Sea seals

The birthplace of Germany's national anthem and a practice bombing range for British airmen after World War II, Helgoland island in the North Sea turns cuddly at the turn of the year as grey seals arrive to give birth.

Oxytocin linked to growth in seal pups

Scientists at the University of St Andrews have, for the first time, shown that grey seal pups with naturally high oxytocin levels gain more mass before weaning, without increasing the amount they are fed.

Britain's grey seal colony hotspots threatened by microplastics

An investigation by Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has found seal pups lying next to potentially toxic microplastics on Norfolk beaches. Britain experienced a record winter for seal pup births, but some of their most important ...

Ocean winds influence seal pup migration

Scientists have confirmed what native Alaskans have observed for centuries - maritime winds influence the travel patterns of northern fur seal pups. New research presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting here today shows strong ...

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