Revealing an overlooked source for marine cloud nuclei

Sea spray aerosols (SSAs) produced via bubble burst on the interface of atmosphere and ocean, are an important component in the Earth's climate system and constitute a major source of uncertainty in predicting future climate.

Classifying weather to tease out how aerosols influence storms

A new study used artificial intelligence to analyze 10 years of weather data collected over southeastern Texas to identify three major categories of weather patterns and the continuum of conditions between them. The study, ...

'Forever chemicals' latch onto sea spray to become airborne

When ocean waves break, microscopic particles break free into the air. For beachgoers, aerosolized sea salts contribute to the tousled "beach hair" look. But other compounds found in seawater, including perfluoroalkyl substances ...

Fresh sea spray turns 'sour' after being airborne

Aerosols are everywhere. These tiny liquid or solid particles populate the atmosphere, emerging from natural and artificial sources like volcanoes and oceans, and fossil fuels and agriculture. Ranging in size from less than ...

New-found phenomenon that may improve hurricane forecasts

In a year like no other, it's certainly fitting that we had hurricane season that followed suit. It seemed every time we turned around, there was a tropical disturbance brewing that eventually became a named storm.

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