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New model enhances wave forecasting in ice-covered waters

A research paper published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences sheds light on the relationship between sea ice thickness and wind wave modules in the marginal ice zone. The study introduces a parameterization scheme that ...

Arctic sea ice thinning faster than expected

Sea ice in the coastal regions of the Arctic may be thinning up to twice as fast as previously thought, according to a new modelling study led by UCL researchers.

Geographers draw up an ice thickness map of Svalbard

Global sea levels are rising constantly. One factor contributing to this rise is the melting of the glaciers. Although the surface area of the glaciers has been well mapped, there is often no information regarding their thickness, ...

With thick ice gone, Arctic sea ice changes more slowly

The Arctic Ocean's blanket of sea ice has changed since 1958 from predominantly older, thicker ice to mostly younger, thinner ice, according to new research published by NASA scientist Ron Kwok of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ...

NASA renews focus on Earth's frozen regions

In 2018, NASA will intensify its focus on one of the most critical but remote parts of our changing planet with the launch of two new satellite missions and an array of airborne campaigns.

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