Genome of Steller's sea cow decoded

During the Ice Age, giant mammals such as mammoths, saber-toothed cats and wooly rhinoceroses once roamed Northern Europe and America. The cold oceans of the northern hemisphere were also home to giants like Steller's sea ...

Fossils under your feet: Ancient sea cow found in Spanish street

Have you ever spotted something unexpected while walking down the street? Last December, paleontologists literally stumbled upon a new discovery of a fossil sea cow in a very unexpected place - in a limestone paving stone ...

Manatee in Caribbean repopulation scheme dies

One of two manatees released into the Caribbean in August under a pioneering repopulation scheme has died of a suspected kidney infection, the Guadeloupe National Park announced Monday.

Record 6,250 manatees spotted in Florida waters

The number of manatees in the waters around Florida have reached a new peak of at least 6,250, conservationists said Thursday, a record reflecting years of efforts to protect the marine mammals.

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