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Madrid orders removal of electric scooters

Madrid's city hall said Tuesday it had refused to grant a licence to three electric scooter-share companies and gave them 72 hours to remove their scooters from the streets of the Spanish capital.

dateDec 04, 2018 in Business
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Researcher discusses bike-sharing programs

The yellow-and-green bicycles of the California bike-sharing startup LimeBike have popped up in more than a dozen Massachusetts communities in recent weeks, the latest fleet to follow in the tracks of Blue Bikes, which launched ...

dateAug 20, 2018 in Energy & Green Tech
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San Francisco to require permits for rental scooters

San Francisco is ordering three companies that began renting motorized foot-pedal scooters in the city last month to stop operating until they can ensure riders are obeying state laws and that the devices are not a hazard ...

dateApr 18, 2018 in Business
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