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Clouds disappear quickly during a solar eclipse, shows study

Cumulus clouds over land start to disappear almost instantly during a partial solar eclipse. Until recently, satellite measurements during the eclipse resulted in dark spots in the cloud map, but researchers from TU Delft ...

Sentinel-1 reveals shifts from Morocco earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco on 8 September, satellite data have been made available through the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" to help emergency response teams on the ground.

Satellites document effects of heat waves on plants

A new scientific study shows how periods of drought affect photosynthesis throughout the course of the day. The study found that plants in regions that are typically dry increase their CO2 intake during the morning hours ...

Satellite captures carbon dioxide aurora from space

While the night sky, with its display of "northern lights" or auroras, has captivated the attention of scientists and sky gazers for centuries, much less is known about the aurora associated with carbon dioxide until now.

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