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Search reveals eight new sources of black hole echoes

Scattered across our Milky Way galaxy are tens of millions of black holes—immensely strong gravitational wells of spacetime, from which infalling matter, and even light, can never escape. Black holes are dark by definition, ...

Three new ultra-faint dwarf galaxies discovered

Using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), astronomers have detected three new ultra-faint dwarf galaxies associated with the nearby spiral galaxy NGC 253. The newly found dwarfs turn out to be among the faintest systems so ...

Black holes help with star birth

Research combining systematic observations with cosmological simulations has found that, surprisingly, black holes can help certain galaxies form new stars. On scales of galaxies, the role of supermassive black holes for ...

The Milky Way does the wave

In results announced this week at the 237th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, scientists from the Sloan Digital Sky survey present the most detailed look yet at the warp of our own galaxy.

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