Turbid waters keep the coast healthy, finds study

To preserve the important intertidal areas and salt marshes off our coasts for the future, we need more turbid water. That is one of the striking conclusions from a new study conducted by a Dutch-Chinese team of researchers ...

Salt marshes put to the test in wave flume

Can salt marshes serve as a natural solution for flood protection? Researchers of the project "Living Dikes" transported 62 big blocks of salt marshes, containing soil and vegetation, from the coast of Friesland to the Delta ...

Measuring and modeling methane emissions in wetlands

Global atmospheric methane concentrations have risen steadily since 2006. Growth in agriculture, transportation, and industry are partly to blame, but so too is the rise in biogenic emissions, or emissions from natural sources.

Tidal landscapes: A greater carbon sink than previously thought

Mangroves and saltmarshes sequester large amounts of carbon, mitigating the greenhouse effect. New research from the University of Gothenburg shows that these environments are perhaps twice as effective as previously thought.

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