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US may be behind Mars probe failure: Russia

Russia on Tuesday said the failure of its Phobos-Grunt probe for Mars could have been caused by radiation from US radars, in its latest allegation of Western interference in its space programme.

Russian space probe to crash to Earth within hours

(AP) -- A failed Russian probe designed to travel to a moon of Mars but stuck in Earth orbit will come crashing down within hours, likely in a shower of fragments that survive the fiery re-entry.

Uncertainty grows over Russia Mars probe crash site

Uncertainty about where a doomed Russian Mars probe might crash back to Earth grew Friday when the Roscosmos space agency changed its prediction thousands of miles (kilometres) from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

Russia's space chief says failures may be sabotage

(AP) -- Some recent Russian satellite failures may have been the result of sabotage by foreign forces, Russia's space chief said Tuesday, in comments apparently aimed at the United States.

Russia space agency 'bans foreign travel'

They may be working to reach the final frontier, but employees of Russian space agency Roscosmos face going no further than Russia for their holidays.

'Little chance' of saving stranded Mars probe: Russia

Russia's space agency admitted Tuesday there was little chance of saving a probe that aimed to bring back soil from Mars's largest moon but has been stranded in Earth orbit since launch.

Russia aims for first conquest of Mars

Russia on Wednesday launches a probe for Mars that aims to collect a chunk of a Martian moon and become Moscow's first successful planetary mission since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Soyuz lands safely in Kazakhstan, rattles nerves

(AP) -- A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying three returning astronauts from the International Space Station touched down safely Friday in the central steppes of Kazakhstan, but not without rattling nerves after a breakdown ...

Russians search for crashed spaceship in Siberia

(AP) -- Russian authorities said Thursday they are using helicopters in their search for the wreckage of the unmanned supply ship that crashed and exploded in a forested area in Siberia.

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