Texas hunkers down as Hurricane Beryl approaches

Beryl strengthened to a hurricane before hitting the southern US state of Texas on Monday, where some residents were evacuated over warnings of flooding and power outages.

From resilience to adaptation: The case of hurricanes

Natural disasters are getting worse. According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 have been historic: in each of those years, the average number of disasters costing ...

 Has the Baron de Rothschild's lost ship been found?

Baron de Rothschild's lost ship was one of three carrying raw materials from France to the Baron's glass factory near Zichron Yaakov. The ship vanished without a trace in the late 19th century. Has it now been found more ...

Explainer: Why are tornadoes so destructive?

Tornadoes are a part of life for people living in the Great Plains of the United States. In Oklahoma, a state that averages 62 tornadoes a year, people are prepared as best as they can be and are well warned.

Terracotta and cement roofs vulnerable in wildfires, study finds

(Phys.org) —Although made of fire-resistant materials, terracotta and cement roof tiles are vulnerable to penetration by windblown embers generated in wildfires, according to new research findings from the National Institute ...

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