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Canceling plans with a friend? Research says don't lie

You've made plans to meet up with a good friend in a few hours, but now all you want to do is go home, change into sweats and binge watch "Game of Thrones." What do you say to your friend? Will they be upset?

How asexuals navigate romantic relationships

Though an estimated 1% of Americans identify as asexual—a sexual orientation most commonly defined as lacking sexual attraction—asexual people remain relatively invisible and are rarely researched. For these reasons, ...

Examining how first impressions affect later romantic outcomes

A new University of California, Davis, study analyzing romantic first impressions shows that compatibility and popularity among the dating pool are influential in shaping who people pursue as potential romantic partners.

Research team explores virtual romantic relationships

An international team of researchers has published a paper introducing the concept of romantic anthropomorphism, which involves giving a non-human agent human-like characteristics in a romantic context. Their work helps to ...

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