Moon dust could contaminate lunar explorers' water supply

Water purification is a big business on Earth. Companies offer everything from desalination to providing just the right pH level for drinking water. But on the moon, there won't be a similar technical infrastructure to support ...

Japan moon lander put to sleep after surviving lunar night

Japan's moon lander has been put back to sleep after it surprisingly survived the freezing, two-week lunar night, the country's space agency said, with another operation attempt scheduled for later this month.

New realistic computer model will help robots collect moon dust

A new computer model mimics moon dust so well that it could lead to smoother and safer lunar robot teleoperations. The tool, developed by researchers at the University of Bristol and based at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, ...

Russia launches supply rocket to ISS

Russia on Thursday launched a supply rocket to the International Space Station, one of the rare Russia-US projects kept alive since Russia's offensive against Ukraine.

To the moo-n: Cow dung fuels Japan's space ambitions

Japan's space industry opened potentially an udder-ly new chapter on Thursday with a start-up testing a prototype rocket engine that runs on fuel derived purely from a plentiful local source: cow dung.

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