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Interesting facts about Southern right whales

During Australia's winter months, Southern right whales can be spotted off the coastline. These whales are traveling north to warmer waters to breed and calve, after spending the summer months feeding in sub-Antarctic waters.

Scientists solve 'enigma' of pygmy right whales' feeding habits

Researchers have shown from stable isotope ratios in the baleen of pygmy right whales that this species of baleen whales remains in waters off southern Australia year-round and feeds on Australian krill and copepods. Unlike ...

Whale of a debate put to rest

Researchers have finally settled a decades-long dispute about the evolutionary origins of the pygmy right whale.

Marine commission: Whale deaths not linked to wind prep work

An independent scientific agency that advises the federal government on policies that could impact marine mammals said there is no evidence linking site preparation work for offshore wind farms with a number of whale deaths ...

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