Q&A: Why small organisms can make big impacts on climate, emissions

This week, representatives from nearly 200 countries reached an agreement at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai to begin reducing global consumption of fossil fuels in efforts to reduce carbon emissions and stave off the worst-case ...

How Vietnam is trying to stop rice warming the planet

As a child, Dong Van Canh watched while the rice fields of Vietnam's Mekong Delta were set alight to make way for the next crop, blackening the sky and flooding the air with potent greenhouse gases.

Global food system emissions imperil Paris climate goals

The global food system's greenhouse gas emissions will add nearly one degree Celsius to Earth's surface temperatures by 2100 on current trends, obliterating Paris Agreement climate goals, scientists warned Monday.

Finding more sustainable ways to cultivate rice crops

Rice farmers depend on phosphorous fertilizers to maximize their yields of this major staple food, which helps nourish more than half of the world's population. However, there is a finite supply of the nutrient available ...

The signaling pathways that make plants more resistant to flooding

Extreme weather phenomena are on the rise worldwide, including frequent droughts and fires. Floods are also a clear consequence of climate change. For agriculture, a flooded field means major losses: about 15% of global crop ...

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