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A machine for sorting zebrafish eggs

Zebrafish eggs are among the most commonly used model organisms in genetic, developmental and toxicology research. A device developed by EPFL spin-off Bionomous cuts the time it takes to sort these embryos from several hours ...

The effect of Martian ionospheric dispersion on SAR imaging

The subsurface of Mars records important historical information on the formation and evolution of the planet. As an ionized medium, the Martian ionosphere plays a special role in radio wave propagation and is directly related ...

Noise affects life on the seafloor

Oceans have their own unique soundscape. Many marine organisms, for example, use sound for echolocation, navigation or communication with conspecifics. In recent decades, however, more and more sounds caused by human activities ...

Technique for ready-to-use cells in research demonstrated

A new technique for freezing cells for use in biomedical research, based on polymer technology developed at the University of Warwick, has been validated in study, paving the way for faster results for scientists in their ...

Capturing high pressures in diamond capsules

Preservation of the high-pressure states of materials at ambient conditions is a long-sought-after goal for fundamental research and practical applications.

Climate change could lead to larger algal blooms

Griffith-led research has revealed that both the decreases in wind and the higher temperatures predicted with climate change can cause bigger algal blooms in the future.

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