How 'Iron Man' bacteria could help protect the environment

When Michigan State University's Gemma Reguera first proposed her new research project to the National Science Foundation, one grant reviewer responded that the idea was not "environmentally relevant."

Single crystalline quaternary sulfide nanobelts

Copper-based quaternary sulfide nanomaterials, especially for Cu-Zn-In-S (CZIS) and Cu-Zn-Ga-S (CZGS), which consist of non-toxic elements are attractive candidate for solar photocatalytic hydrogen production due to their ...

In cell division, it's all about the right balance

During cell division specific target proteins have to be turned over in a precisely regulated manner. To this end specialized enzymes label the target proteins with signaling molecules. However, the enzymes involved in this ...

Study on motivations of non-Māori to learn te reo

A study on the motivations of non-Māori to learn te reo Māori suggests Pākehā identity is increasingly tied to acquiring a deeper knowledge of, and ability to speak, the indigenous language.

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