Research bias may leave some primates at risk

Recent primate research has had a heavy focus on a few charismatic species and nationally protected parks and forests, leaving some lesser known primates and their habitats at risk, according researchers at The University ...

Fall of top US scientists points to ethics gap in research

Three prominent US scientists have been pushed to resign over the past 10 days after damning revelations about their methods, a sign of greater vigilance and decreasing tolerance for misconduct within the research community.

Is there a glass ceiling in academic publishing?

Five years ago, Nature—one of the most prestigious research journals in science—published an editorial pledging to improve on the low number of women editors and authors in its pages.

3-D nanoscale imaging made possible

Imaging at the nanoscale is important to a plethora of modern applications in materials science, physics, biology, medicine and other fields. Limitations of current techniques are, e.g. their resolution, imaging speed or ...

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