Long-term renters evicted during housing boom face homelessness

Andy would rather remain as anonymous as possible because, "it's kind of embarrassing people knowing how little you have." He has been living in his home for 21 years. It is a postwar house in the Greater Hamilton, Ont. area ...

US rent spikes most pressing in Sun Belt and the West

Rent spikes have developed in the Sun Belt and the West, a pattern clearly driven by local supply and demand issues, according to the latest analysis by researchers at Florida Atlantic University and two other schools.

New study measures rent spikes in three Florida markets

Florida's emerging rental crisis is playing out in three major markets, with rents well above where they should be and sharp increases occurring just in the past year, according to a new study.

Nearly half of L.A. tenants owe back rent

In a new survey of Los Angeles County renters, 49% of households reported that they were unable to pay all of their rent during the pandemic.

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