Beating the curse of dimensionality

A partial matching approach can overcome the dimensionality "curse" of continuous measurements over time to yield more accurate future predictions.

Earmuffs measure blood alcohol levels through the skin

A new device that fits over a person's ears and enables non-invasive measurement of real-time changes in blood alcohol levels through the skin is presented in a proof-of-principle study in Scientific Reports.

Solitary confinement by any other name is still torture

In October 2020, criminologists Anthony Doob and Jane Sprott released a report on Correctional Services Canada's (CSC) use of structured intervention units (SIUs). SIUs were intended to replace the use of solitary confinement ...

Including irregular time intervals improves animal movement studies

Studies of animal movement and behavior—including those addressing disease spread and animal conservation—should monitor animals at both regular and irregular time points to improve understanding of animal movement behavior, ...

Fluid dynamics provides insight into wildfire behavior

The Kincade Fire has been burning through Sonoma County, California, displacing people from their homes and leaving destruction in its wake. It is a stark reminder of the increasingly pressing need for a better understanding ...

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