Blue tit population booms with moths on the menu: Study

The importance of moth caterpillars for common garden birds has been revealed in a new study. Researchers have found that years when moth numbers were up resulted in increased population growth for the blue tit.

How songbirds' striking colors put them at risk

Bright, uniquely colored songbirds are at higher risk of extinction and more likely to be traded as pets, according to researchers reporting in Current Biology on September 15. The researchers also predict that almost 500 ...

Spatial-temporal structure of ocean salinity seasonal variation

Salinity is always regarded as a natural water gauge. It plays a vital role in regulating ocean density, stratification and circulation. However, a holistic analysis of subsurface salinity down to 2,000 meters is lacking, ...

Climate-driven temperature swings slow economic growth

Increasingly erratic weather caused by global warming threatens global economic growth, scientists warned Monday with a report showing that even short-lived climate volatility can have a significant impact.

Unusual DNA folding increases the rates of mutations

DNA sequences that can fold into shapes other than the classic double helix tend to have higher mutation rates than other regions in the human genome. New research by a team of Penn State scientists shows that the elevated ...

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