Power-generating urinal pioneered in Britain

British scientists on Thursday unveiled a toilet that unlocks energy stored within urine to generate electricity, which they hope could be used to light remote places such as refugee camps.

Estimating flows of forced migrants from war and crisis

Researchers have built a model, using insights from social and behavioral theory, that estimates daily flows of refugees from conflict. Forced migration, in contrast to planned migration, is a sudden choice made in response ...

Migrant and refugee children need early education supports, too

Early childhood educators need more support to deliver positive outcomes for Australia's most vulnerable children—including migrant and refugee children—say early childhood experts at the University of South Australia.

Using machine learning to help refugees succeed

Dominik Rothenhaeusler grew up in Oberzell, Germany, a quaint town of roughly 2,500 people along the Schussen River. Like many towns and cities across Germany, Oberzell has witnessed a surge of asylum seekers and refugees ...

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