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Coral reefs can adapt in response to mild marine heatwaves

A team of scientists from James Cook University (JCU) and the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) have found that some coral species can adapt to increasing temperatures that cause bleaching, but only when marine ...

New research identifies coral reef 'bright spots'

Marine heatwaves are threatening coral reefs around the world. A new study led by researchers at Florida Tech has identified coral reef 'bright spots' that will likely maintain relatively high coral cover through climate ...

Iconic reef giants not immune to climate's harmful touch

Museum of Tropical Queensland and ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University (Coral CoE at JCU), Senior Curator of Marine Invertebrates, Dr. Sue-Ann Watson said that to date, Australia has done ...

Measuring conservation in a way that counts

A new study raises questions on whether current conservation science and policy for protected areas could be saving more biodiversity—with political and economic expediency often having taken precedence in the past.

More 'fairness' needed in conservation

New research shows what is often assumed to be 'fair' in conservation practice may not be considered so by the very people most affected by it—and a new approach is needed if protected areas are to be effective.

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