UK breaches 40C for first time as heatwave batters Europe

A fierce heatwave left western Europe sweltering on Tuesday, fuelling ferocious wildfires and stretching emergency services, as it swept north and pushed temperatures in Britain over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) ...

UK issues 1st-ever 'red' warning for hot weather next week

British authorities issued their first ever "red" warning for extreme heat early next week, declaring a national emergency as forecasters predict record temperatures that will put even healthy people at risk of serious illness ...

Europe reels from powerful 'Aurore' storm

Storm "Aurore" swept across parts of northern Europe on Thursday, leaving four dead in Poland and causing substantial damage in Germany, France, the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Spain shovels out of snowdrifts left by Storm Filomena

Emergency crews in central Spain cleared 500 roads and rescued over 1,500 people stranded in their vehicles, allowing Madrid and other areas on Sunday to slowly shovel out of the country's worst snowstorm in recent memory.

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