Study: Carbon buried in the soil rises again

A research team that includes a University of California, Davis, plant scientist has identified a source of carbon emissions that could play a role in understanding past and future global change.

Lessons from Iraq: Urban marshes and city survival

Jennifer Pournelle is continuing to build the case that natural wetlands, rather than irrigated fields, are the fertile ground from which cities initially emerged in Mesopotamia. And her conclusions about the importance of ...

8000-year quake record improves understanding of Alpine Fault

( -- A geological study of the southern section of the New Zealand's Alpine Fault spanning the past 8000 years has given scientists an improved understanding of the behaviour of this major plate boundary fault.

Archaeologist finds oldest rock art in Australia

An archaeologist says he found the oldest piece of rock art in Australia and one of the oldest in the world: an Aboriginal work created 28,000 years ago in an Outback cave.

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