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Understanding a satellite's death spiral

Down on the ground, death equals stillness—but not in space. Abandoned satellites are prone to tumble in unpredictable ways, and an ESA project with the Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern sought to better ...

Using AI to track icebergs

Researchers are using a new AI tool to detect icebergs in the Southern Ocean. This is the first step in being able to track the complete life cycle of most icebergs across Antarctica from satellite data. The study, "Unsupervised ...

Radar tracks unfortunate creatures trapped in tropical cyclones

In the aftermath of Super Typhoon Lekima, which struck mainland China in early August 2019, a number of bird species were recorded in places they had never been seen before. A new study reveals the likely reason behind how ...

Sentinel-1 reveals shifts from Morocco earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco on 8 September, satellite data have been made available through the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" to help emergency response teams on the ground.

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