Biases behind transgender athlete bans are deeply rooted

In 2023, 24 states had laws or regulations in place prohibiting transgender students from participating on public school athletic teams consistent with their gender identity. These bans mean that a person whose sex assigned ...

The value of human choice in HR decisions

Human resources managers are frequently turning to artificial intelligence to help make employment decisions, leaning on recommendations from algorithms to decide who to interview and who to hire. Traditional interviews can ...

Research links negativity bias, investment apprehension

What do your worries about public health have to do with your financial well-being? Maybe a lot more than you realize, according to new research from Colorado State University's College of Business.

Male gender bias deters men from some career paths

Men are less likely to seek careers in early education and some other fields traditionally associated with women because of male gender bias in those fields, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

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