Researchers recommend more transparency for gene-edited crops

Researchers at North Carolina State University call for a coalition of biotech industry, government and non-government organizations, trade organizations, and academic experts to work together to provide basic information ...

Wage transparency reduces academic gender wage gap

A pair of researchers, one with HEC Paris, Jouy-en-Josas, the other with the University of Utah, has found that when universities make the salaries of employees public, the gap in gender pay disparity shrinks. In their paper ...

The many lifetimes of plastics

Many of us have seen informational posters at parks or aquariums specifying how long plastics bags, bottles, and other products last in the environment. They're a good reminder to not litter, but where does the information ...

Israeli researchers find flaw in Alibaba site

Israeli cybersecurity researchers say that personal information of millions of Alibaba users may have been exposed through flaws on the e-commerce giant's platform.

Japan officials mistakenly reveal internal memos

Japan's bureaucrats used the wrong privacy settings for Google Groups online discussions, allowing anyone to see internal memos including on negotiating positions for an international treaty, the government said.

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