'Irreplaceable' Colombian bird collection at risk

Under a cracked and leaky ceiling, Andres Cuervo works on a colorful, dead hummingbird for the ornithological collection of the National University of Colombia, the country with more bird species than any other.

Researchers create toolkit to support school safety

University of Virginia professors Dewey Cornell and Jennifer Maeng have created a toolkit that school districts may use to help keep schools safe from threats, including gun violence.

What the climate movement gets wrong about disruption

The 1963 Civil Rights victory in Birmingham, Alabama paved the way for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In their latest article, published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, UMass Amherst Associate Professor of History ...

Europe to hold competition to build space cargo ship

The European Space Agency announced Monday it would hold a competition between firms to build a ship to deliver cargo to the International Space Station, in a potential first step towards independent missions carrying astronauts.

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