Thwarting cellular enzyme can fight viral infections

FMI researchers have identified a synthetic protein that dampens the activity of a cellular pathway involved in viral infection. The findings could help to develop drugs that combat viruses such as influenza A and Zika.

'Hotspot mapping' accelerates early-phase drug design

The amount of structural data on protein drug targets continues to grow. However, successfully mining this data to form testable hypotheses that drive drug discovery can prove challenging. Selectivity for the target protein ...

(Bio)sensing protein interactions

The job of a protein hub inside the nucleus of a cell is similar to that of a chef in a kitchen. Both need to manage multiple tasks efficiently for a successful outcome. For the chef, if they spend too much time chopping ...

New atom-level insight into drug-target residence time

A new study from the University of Eastern Finland and the University of T├╝bingen helps to explain what defines how long a drug molecule stays bound to its target.

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