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Aeolus laser shines light on wind

Following the launch of Aeolus on 22 August, this extraordinary satellite's instrument has been turned on and is now emitting pulses of ultraviolet light from its laser, which is fundamental to measuring Earth's wind. And, ...

dateSep 06, 2018 in Earth Sciences
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Study examines pros and cons of hydropower

Hydropower can generate electricity without emitting greenhouse gases but can cause environmental and social harms, such as damaged wildlife habitat, impaired water quality, impeded fish migration, reduced sediment transport, ...

dateSep 06, 2018 in Energy & Green Tech
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Research helps make buses smarter

A rather unusual trolleybus has been navigating the streets of Zurich in recent months. With its large windscreen and covered wheels, it could easily be mistaken for a tram – but it's not just the design that makes this ...

dateSep 04, 2018 in Energy & Green Tech
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