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The true costs of corn

A model examines farmers' profits and the health and environmental costs of growing corn in the US Midwest, where about 20% of the world's corn is grown. Corn farming involves applying fertilizer or manure to provide the ...

Rethinking traditional business models to prioritize sustainability

Asper researchers are publishing work that rethinks traditional business models and prioritizes sustainability. Despite the lingering, outdated sentiment that sustain-centric business is an alternative perspective, they demonstrate ...

Swiss want moratorium on deep-sea mining

Switzerland, a global commodities trading hub, decided Wednesday to push for a moratorium on commercial exploitation of the international seabed area, which has enormous mineral resources.

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Profit generally is the making of gain in business activity for the benefit of the owners of the business. The word comes from Latin meaning "to make progress," and is defined in two different ways, one for economics and one for accounting.

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