Researchers invent acoustic prism

EPFL scientists have invented a new type of "acoustic prism" that can split a sound into its constituent frequencies. Their acoustic prism has applications in sound detection.

Sculptured materials allow multiple channel plasmonic sensors

( -- Sensors, communications devices and imaging equipment that use a prism and a special form of light -- a surface plasmon-polariton -- may incorporate multiple channels or redundant applications if manufacturers ...

Korean researchers making progress on 3D OLED screens

( -- With the recent rise in popularity of 3D movies at the theater, consumers quite naturally have begun to wonder about what’s being done to bring such technology to their smartphones and better yet, the ...

Germany denies military knew about PRISM

The German government Wednesday denied a report claiming that the nation's military knew for years about the US surveillance programme PRISM revealed by fugitive former intelligence analyst Edward Snowden.

New XRISM satellite mission to study 'rainbow' of X-rays

A new satellite called XRISM (X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission, pronounced "crism") aims to pry apart high-energy light into the equivalent of an X-ray rainbow. The mission, led by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration ...

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